White Chocolate

Many chocolate aficionados don’t class white chocolate as being chocolate at all. Why, I hear you shout? Well, it’s a pretty persuasive argument I suppose. The fact is that white chocolate doesn’t actually contain any cocoa solids. It has cocoa butter, sugar and milk solids but no cocoa solids. I suppose it comes down to technicalities and what you consider to be the main components of a good chocolate bar. Cocoa butter is derived from the same tree, same pod and even the same beans as cocoa solids but it’s certainly not the benchmark by which quality chocolate bars are measured. I’m sure people will be wringing their hands in horror to even see the words ‘white chocolate’ mentioned on these pages but let’s give it a fair chance – it does have a role to play in the world of chocolate.

Some milk chocolate brands contain very little in the way of cocoa solids so we shouldn’t really push all the blame for poorer quality chocolate onto the white variety. I suppose the argument is that is should be called a sweet instead of chocolate but it’s only a name. Those people in the know will choose only the best dark chocolate and will check labels and do their research; those who just want a quick sweet fix aren’t really going to be bothered about whether there’s a cocoa solid in sight. Right, I’m off to the shops!

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