The Chocolate Fountain

Awesome, fascinating, entertaining, intriguing, wonderful, enjoyable, delicious, the coolest thing that I’ve ever seen…..these are just some of the words and comments we’ve heard describing the chocolate fountain. While most people relate it to wedding receptions, they are appropriate for any type of celebration. Please refer to our occasion/event page. As we like to say, “Experience the chocolate fountain”.

Fountains for all Occasions wants to be a part of this special celebration and our rental policies are simple and easy. We not only rent the fountain and chocolate, but attend every event to ease any operational and cleaning concerns for you, the caterer and the event location. All of our representatives will be in appropriate attire. Please refer to our rental page.

We do business in a very professional manner and strive to provide the absolute best possible product available. We don’t just talk about customer service – we live it. We have one client that has told us that we provide the best customer service of any of their vendors. That is the level that we aim for and plan on maintaining.

The chocolate fountain has definitely turned out to be one the most talked about conversation pieces that has come along in years. The cost to rent a fountain tends to be very reasonable. As a result, at your next planned celebration, be the one that everyone associates with when they “experienced the chocolate fountain”. You will have no regrets with that name association.

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