Cocoa Beans

Cocoa beans come from the heart of the Caribbean where the climate and genetic origin of cacao trees create conditions for producing some of the best quality cocoa beans in the world. The Dominican Republic is the leading source of Fair Trade cocoa and boasts 70% of the world’s organic cacao production grown almost exclusively on small family farms.

We seek to balance the desires of our customers for the highest quality organic cocoa products with the basic economic needs of cacao producers in the developing world while sustaining a healthy environment for their well-being.

Our Core Values are Social Responsibility, Cross-Cultural Awareness, Economic Justice, Quality, Customer Service, Environmental Sustainability, and Education.

By working closely with small farmers, we can bring fresh cocoa beans and cocoa products directly to you, cutting out the middlemen and returning more profits to the farmers. Do you know that only 4% of the price of a typical organic chocolate bar goes to the farmers who grow cocoa beans using organic practices that the international market demands?

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