World Chocolate Consumption Down Thanks to This Nasty Recession-Thingie

Chocolate consumption in the United States and Europe is falling due to the economic crisis. Luxuries like chocolate just aren’t as easily justified now that more consumers are struggling to make ends meet.

This had had a corollary effect on the world’s cocoa prices, which have fallen by about 10% from record highs in 2007.

Swiss chocolate maker Callebaut CEO Richard De Maeseneire came to the defense of the good stuff: He said the chocolate business was a “defensive industry” because even in times of recession, people will always tempted by the relative affordability of chocolate.

That, he said, coupled with continuing strong demand from Asia promises to help keep growth on track however.

I say bring it on. You won’t hear me complaining about a glut of cheap chocolate on the market.

Chocolate and Insomnia

If you’re a regular late-night chocolate indulger, and you’ve been suffering from a difficulty getting to sleep, it may be worth it to try enjoying that cocoa bean treat a little earlier in the day.

Chocolate is a stimulant. A mild one, but a boost nonetheless. It not only stimulates your taste buds, but the caffeine and theobromine stimulate your heart rate as well.

If you’re just too incorrigible a chocolate fiend, you may try to alter the type of chocolate you’re eating. A Hershey’s dark chocolate candy bar has about 30 milligrams of caffeine (about as much as a cup of lack tea) while a milk chocolate bar has 9 milligrams. White chocolate, with no theobromine and barely any caffeine, will have the least effect, however this reduction may be mitigated by the larger amounts of sugar in the milk and white chocolates. Waddya gonna do.